Our group is committed to building an inclusive and collaborative research team that fosters critical thinking and creativity within a supportive research environment. I'm always happy to hear from potential students and postdocs interested in joining or collaborating with the group. If you wish to get in touch about opportunities please send an email and tell me a bit about yourself, and your research and career interests. Funding will often be the limiting factor in deciding whether I can take on additional students. Even when there are no advertised positions it is still good hear from you as funding sources sometimes arise and need to be filled quickly.

Potential graduate funding sources include NSERC (MSc/PhD/Postdoc; Canadian citizens and permanent residents), Manitoba Graduate Scholarships (MSc only; out of province students are eligible) and University of Manitoba Graduate Scholarships (MSc/PhD; out of province students eligible). 


Funded positions

​We're hiring a postdoc. We have funding and lots of data for a 2-year postdoc to eplore the population genomics of the invasion of the Great Lakes by sea lamprey. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions about the position! Full job ad.

Each summer I  hire at least two undergraduate field assistants to conduct fieldwork for our urban squirrel project in Winnipeg. These are great opportunities get research experience and to do an honours project. If you are interested please introduce yourself early in the academic year.