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Chloe's paper on the continent-wide effects of cities on genetic diversity is out!

Congrats to Chloe on her recent pub in Proceeding B ( and Kyle for his in the Canadian Journal of Zoology ( Kyle's was editor's choice!

Chloe found clear and consistent effects of three measures of urbanization on the genetic structure of North American mammal populations. Individuals sampled at sites that were more disturbed tended to have lower genetic diversity, lower effective population sizes, and tended to be more genetically differentiated than those sampled at less disturbed sites. There were no detectable effects of urbanization on bird populations. We are unsure whether this is due smaller samples sizes or the mobility of birds weakening the effects of fragmentation on gene flow.

All of Chloe's data (mammal sample sites in white and bird sites in orange) was shared and freely available in data archives. Open data sharing meant that she could re-analyse raw genotypes from > 41 000 individuals sampled across 66 species. She's got much more to come from these and additional data sets.

We are very excited about the promise that re-purposing archived raw data holds! Stay tuned for more!

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