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Welcome to Paul O'Brien and Mitchell Green! ... and updates from Fall 2018

First posted Dec 23, 2018

It's been awhile since our last update. Since then we've had Paul O'Brien join us from Eric Vander Wal's crew in The Wildlife Evolutionary Ecology Lab at Memorial. Paul is co-supervised with Jeff Bowman and he's working on questions about reinforcement in the flying squirrel hybrid zone in Ontario as part of the Kawartha Flying Squirrel Project.

Mitchell Green is joining us in January 2019 to continue building our database of publicly archived molecular genetic data for synthetic analyses. He'll keep adding species, but he'll also focus on adding life history trait and environmental data to the genetic data.

We've also had some more Great Lakes Fisheries Commission grant success! We will soon be advertising for an MSc and postdoc to start in 2019. Check out the opportunities page if you are interested.

Finally, Karen, Kyle, and I went to the ArcticNet meeting in Ottawa in Dwcember where Kyle presented a poster and gave a talk on his killer whale work and Karen gave a talk on salmon in the Arctic.

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